Android Application Development

Android Development

Android platform has got strength year over year and becoming famous all over the globe due to its pioneer specifications and technology. The product and service delivery companies are taking android as priority for app development to boost their business globally. The latest technology equipped with this platform gives new business ideas for business persons. Smart phones powered by android are becoming popular day by day which inventively turns development of thousands of hundreds of apps. It has been figured out by experts that the popularity of the platform basically based upon the open source nature.

Open standard and open handset alliance offers customization and diverse platform for developers. Set of smart and flexible user interface features offer true benefit for users. Android has received 56% of market share according to latest figures. Android Application Development is the process performed by intellectual developers to build apps to run of android platform.

Advantage offering with Android Platform:-

  • Low entry barrier level allows any tentative developer to get entry in android app development process. There is low fee for license and development tools. Development, testing expertise and royalty fees are major involved costs.
  • It has rich set of libraries in which apps are written in JAVA. Anyone having basic knowledge of Java can use this interactive platform.
  • Apps developed on this platform can be distributed in various ways unlike other platforms. Android Developers are free to create own distribution channels.
  • Equipped with latest technology like GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, EV-DO, EDGE, Wi-Fi and UMTS for data distribution over mobile networks.
  • Wide range of libraries for 2D, 3D graphics, images, video and audio files
  • Comprehensive features of video camera, GPS, Touch screen, accelerometer and magnetometer.
  • P2P Google talk, IPC message passing and SQLite for data storage.

Android Apps Development

can give a new extent to your business as it can reach over every potential consumer. This excellent mobile platform is equipped with SDK which provide powerful extent to this OS. It also allows bringing ideas on reality platform. If you are looking for support of an expert android developer then you need to hire one.

Root Info Solutions has team of expert and intellectual android developers having updated knowledge of latest development technology and framework. Our developers use their exclusive ideas to build unique apps for tablet computers and smart phones. Their extensive knowledge on different libraries, Java, Linux Kernel, C+, C# and another tools make them able to undertake comprehensive projects. With knowledge of user interface creation, OS customization techniques, AIDL knowledge, Database storage and Android widget toolbox allow developers to cater various services related to android development.

Our Services On Android Platform include:

  • Website and app theme customization
  • Development of security applications
  • Games, Social media and map navigation development
  • Banking, offices, health care, lifestyle, communication and travel based application development for respective organization

You can hire an android developer with Root info Solutions. We give 100% satisfaction to our client. Development quality, application diversity based upon market demand, integrated service delivery, Transparency and free customer support are some exclusive features with our service. Our goal is to offer best services to our clients through best practices.